Vision for Hoover

As your Council candidate, here is my vision for Hoover.  I hope you will share it.

That a man or a woman who hasn’t been born yet,

would move into a home that hasn’t been built yet,

have children yet to be dreamed about

who will learn at exceptional schools that may not even be designed yet, with teachers that are just now feeling the calling.

These families will live safely in their homes, worship in community churches, and enjoy beautiful parks and the beauty of nature.

They will joyfully live out the life God intended for them as part of a community that was built on purpose—as if we were expecting them!

I believe this because 15 years ago this is what Hoover was for me and my family.   I believe we have a responsibility to plan and build this community for the people here and those yet to come.


How do we do this?

First and foremost, we need to create a comprehensive city plan like most successful cities in our state.  In my research I discovered that Hoover is the only city of the top 10 largest cities in Alabama with no comprehensive plan.  I think our community is starting to feel this in our daily lives.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the employees of our city.  Our community has a wide base of experience and success in many fields.  We need to focus these resources on creating a plan that is world class.   Our city is too important to have anything less.

I look forward to talking more about this as the campaign starts.


Righting what’s wrong

There are some things going on that we need to fix as we go forward.  One of the biggest is the relationship between the city and the school system.

It’s time to restore the cooperation between the Board of Education and City Council.  For most of us, it is tremendous disappointment when we see the lack of leadership and cooperation in council dealings with the school system.  It hasn’t always been this way, and it’s time we remember the spirit of the people who started and built our school system.  These are our children, and it’s time to work together and let’s all take responsibility.

Lastly, we need to pull the community together to re-evaluate city funding for our schools that was pulled in 2002-2004.  This shortsighted action has created problems that we are just starting to realize, especially in light of the large demand city growth places on the system.  Funding may not happen in the same ways that it did before, but I’m confident we can come up with a solution to address this critical area.  At the very least we can plan in a well articulated and reasoned way.

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