The Vision for Hoover

In 2016 I knew that Hoover was a great city.  Now, after nearly 4 years in office, I am even more convinced that Hoover is one of the finest cities in the nation.  We have tremendous opportunity to live out the potential of the legacy we’ve been given by past generations.  To take advantage of these opportunities, there are some things we must do.

  • We must respond to the immediate crisis created by COVID-19.  This means weathering the storm and making some tough decisions about what’s important in the short term.
  • We must adapt to a rapidly changing retail economy–continuing to create reasons for people to live in, work in, and visit Hoover.
  • We must develop relationships with the industries and businesses already here and develop relationships outside of Hoover at the state, national, and international levels.
  • We must continue to protect what’s important, modernize our operations, and keep the focus on the services that are most important to a city.  Roads, trash pickup, public safety, and cooperation with the school system are critical functions.
  • We must also do all of this in fiscally responsible ways.  I’ve learned first hand that it’s far too easy for a government to justify raising taxes and fees and forget the hard working families from which these dollars are taken.  I have–and always will–strongly favor cutting spending over raising taxes and fees.
  • Lastly, we must also realize that success will mean more people, more traffic, and other “big city” challenges.  It is vital that we continue planning our infrastructure while making room for the next Hoover family.

While the specifics are always up for debate, I think these are concepts we can all support.  I look forward to expressing more details as the campaign progresses and earning your vote on August 25th!