From the Hoover Sun: Federal judge seeks more information on Hoover school rezoning plan

The ongoing rezoning issue is something I’ve followed carefully over the last couple years. I took time off from work to go downtown and watch the April 7th hearing from beginning to end, and I’m a little surprised that the judge is responding in this way. Regardless of our opinions on the actual plan, I think everyone can agree that we’re ready for some certainty.

I know the Board of Education is a separate entity from the City Council in both legal concept and operation. However we are all citizens of Hoover and it’s time to come together and craft a long term plan for our city. This plan should include doing what we can to assist the BoE in addressing these issues that affect us all.

Across Alabama and across our Nation, cities and school systems work together in their respective roles. There is absolutely no reason we can’t too. Let’s restore cooperation with our School System!