The world seems to get more polarized and divided by the day. We are constantly being asked to question things that are right, accept things that are wrong, and soften our stance on core values of the city.

Yet I will not waver in my support for our police department, which is one of the best departments in the nation. They are well trained and well educated, and you will be hard pressed to meet another group of uniformly fine individuals.

I have personally gotten to know many of them. I have seen firsthand the way they approach their job and service to our community, and I have seen videos and read reports. They go above and beyond on a daily basis.

I have watched how they handle controversy and the missteps of one of their own. When someone falls short, they respond appropriately and with integrity.

There is always room for improvement, and we should all strive to be the best we can be. I’ve seen that across the board in all of our city departments, and the Police Department is no different. As leaders we push them, and they inspire us with their response.

However, there is a difference between recommendations to improve and attempts to implement an agenda. I will always oppose any attempt to implement an anti-police agenda, even when this agenda is wrapped in nicer terms. I refuse to let such a critical part of Hoover be compromised due to the actions of others around the nation.

If there is a problem, I am always committed to solving it. And when things are good, I am always committed to supporting it. The men and women of the Hoover PD are more than just good. They are the best, and as Councilor I will continue to support them 100%.