Monday we celebrated the founding of our country, a remarkable event considered by most to be the birth of modern Democracy in our world.  As our nation has progressed it has taken some trials and tribulations to really come to grips with the implications of self-evident rights, and many would say we’re still a work in progress.  But the right to vote is fundamental, and your local election is one of the most important votes you’ll cast.

Voting in city elections takes just a little bit of consideration and work.  One of the biggest barriers to participation in city elections is lack of knowledge, so here is some basic information on how the City Council elections work in Hoover.

When is the election?

This is the most important question of all.  Municipal elections in Alabama are NOT in November.

2016 Elections for city government are on AUGUST 23

I know “We’ll remember in August” doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Maybe someone can come up with something else catchy.

What do the Council “Places” Mean?

There are seven places (aka seats) on the Hoover City Council.  All are elected at large (there are no districts).  Each Council member represents all citizens of Hoover.

That means when you vote, you’ll vote for all seven positions as long as they’re opposed.  Unopposed candidates are not on the ballot and win by default.

Where do I vote?

If your regular voting location is in the City of Hoover, you will vote in the same place.  If not, you will be relocated to the voting location closest to you that is within city limits.

The city clerk will send out notification to everyone regarding their polling location.

Am I registered to vote?  How do I do that?

You only need to register to vote once and it’s good for all elections there is not seperate registration.  IMPORTANT:  You must be registered to vote by August 8 in order to vote for upcoming City elections.

You can check to see if you’re registered to vote by clicking here.

You can register to vote on the Secretary of State site.   This includes registering online.

What about absentee ballots?

If you need to vote with an absentee ballot, contact City Clerk Margie Handley at

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    Where to I vote? I live in Bluff Park, N. Sherrlyn Drive.

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