As I wrote about in the last post, a key part of developing a plan is defining what’s important.  What are our values?  What is our sacred ground?

City growth is a good thing.  But as we become larger we can lose track of all the great things we have in Hoover.  It’s easier for our community to compartmentalize and set up our own definition of what’s important.

In times of uncertainty, this separation can cause fear and division.  Will things that are important to me be maintained?  Will change bring neglect to what is precious to me?

It is truly exciting to think of our community coming together towards a vision via a plan to achieve it!  I so look forward to the process of discovering, and re-discovering the gems of our city.  We should have certainty in things that are important.  And this certainty should bring unity.

Yesterday I had a chance to experience first hand two parts of our city that are very different, yet very precious to Hoover.  The first was my son’s 5th grade graduation.  I watched as parents, teachers, and students celebrated achievement in all facets of a fantastic elementary education.  Kids of all kinds–with parents of all kinds–received hard-earned certificates, and then gleefully consumed massive amounts of cupcakes and punch decorated in the color of their new middle school home.

The joy of the season radiated from every smile and lived in the roar of  laughter and talking.

Our school system is a great example of sacred ground in Hoover.  As a council representative I will always treat Hoover City School System with the support and respect it deserves.


My son receives a Principal’s Leadership Award from Dr. Dil Uswatte. (Yes, I’m a little proud of him!)


Encouragement from parents and teachers convey the value of education to our kids.

Immediately after this I went over to the Hoover Senior Center, where I was a guest at their monthly Hoover New Horizons luncheon.  I have heard many great things about the Senior Center, but to experience it is something that every single citizen of Hoover should do at some point.

The facility itself is beautiful, but the people are amazing.  I met a very engaged and caring staff.  I met countless senior members of our community coming together in fellowship. These are people helping each other and creating community daily.


It’s a beautiful building with a beautiful view. But the magic is with the people inside. If you haven’t ever been there, stop by and volunteer!

The luncheon itself was a sight to behold.  From the decorations on the table to the aprons worn by volunteers serving food, every aspect showed an attention to detail and thoughtfulness that only comes from people who love what they’re doing.


Hoover Seniors enjoy the smooth harmonies of the Surprise Package Quartet. I’ve sung a ton of 4 part music, and these gals were good!

The entertainment was top notch.  People stayed to the very end, then talked with friends old and new about what their next shared experience would be.

The joy of the season radiated from every smile and lived in the roar of  laughter and talking.  Yes, I wrote that twice.  Because what I saw yesterday was the same joy of community manifested in two very different parts of Hoover.

The Hoover Senior Center is another example of our sacred ground.  And as with the school system, this council representative will always treat it with the support and respect it deserves.

I’ll be working hard to examine more facets of our fine City in the weeks to come.  I can’t wait!

  1. Donna K. Cobb says:

    I’ve not seen much on where you stand on issues important to me and to Hoover such as protecting the Cahaba River watershed so heavily impacted by upstream construction; your plans to bring more corporate jobs into our community; why you want to run for our City Council; do you have future political plans? I see a lot about your church, your kid’s schools, etc., but many of us don’t belong to a church or have kids in school. We don’t seem to have a voice in the sprawl that Hoover is quickly becoming.
    I vote. Why you want my vote?
    Donna K. Cobb
    Archaeozoologist, Mvskoke Tribal member and Thirty year Caver

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