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August 23, 2020

Where do I vote in Hoover City Elections?

IMPORTANT! By State law all city polling places must reside in the city limits of the city for which they take place.  This means that some people in Hoover will vote in a different location than they would for national and state elections. The best way to check for your voting location is the Secretary of State site: CLICK HERE …

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August 21, 2020

The Future of the Hoover Tech Roundtable

Note: If you live or work in Hoover in the tech field, please email me at mike[dot]shaw@hooverusa[dot]org if you’d like to participate in the roundtables! So in my prior post I talked about the Hoover Technology Roundtable and how it can contribute to the economic development efforts in our city.  Here’s how that came to be and how I think …

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August 17, 2020

Technology Biz and the Future of Hoover

This is a subject that’s near and dear to me.  25 years ago, I started a career in tech that has been immensely rewarding.  It has allowed me to serve many people and provide for my family.  The possibilities created by a thriving tech sector are exactly the kind of opportunities we want in Hoover. So in 2016, I wrote …

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