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July 26, 2016

Hatching a Plan – The Case for a Hoover Business Incubator

The themes of this election so far have largely focused on how we spend money.  This has caused some candidates to settle into the question “if you support X, then you have to take the money from Y.”  This lose-lose model of politickin’ is well understood at the national level.  But at the local level it takes on a whole …

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July 21, 2016

The Top 10 School Systems in Alabama, and How They Work Together with their Cities

This week I watched a very important presentation by Dr. Murphy, the Superintendent of Hoover City Schools (HCS).  The presentation can be viewed here and I highly recommend reading it.   She simply and effectively communicated the situation our school system faces when it comes to funding. It’s also one of the most important presentations you’ll read as a citizen in Hoover.  If you …

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July 7, 2016

Older Hoover Neighborhoods – From Groovy Growth to the Next Chapter

(Note: The topic of housing can be a very touchy one.  I strongly favor diverse neighborhoods with people of all kinds living, working, and playing together.  Any policy or planning should treat equal opportunity as paramount.) My family and I have lived in Hoover’s Loch Ridge community for over 15 years.  I drive through these neighborhoods daily, but I’ve lived in the …

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